17. Coli, Virgilig

Virgilig COLI(1,2) was born in 1885 in Villominazo, Italy to Ferdinando Coli.(1,3,4) He immigrated on 18 December 1911 arriving at Ellis Island in New York.(4)  Virgilig was 5’11’ with a medium complexion and he had chestnut hair and chestnut eyes.(4).  Upon arrival he traveled to his final destination of Diamondville, Wyoming.  In December 1920, Virgilig’s younger brother, Giovanni “John”, immigrated to live and work with his brother.  The Coli brothers were both killed in a gas explosion in Frontier No. 1 coal mine on 14 August 1923 in Frontier, Wyoming a neighboring city of Diamondville.  Virgilig was 38 years old.(2, 3,4)  Virgilig was single at the time of his death.(3)

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