54. Lupcho, Andrew

born:  May 1870, Austria or Hungary
died:  14 August 1923, Frontier, Lincoln, Wyoming
buried:  Kemmerer, Lincoln, Wyoming
nationality:  Austrian naturalized in 1896
immigration:  1894
age at death:  53
wife:  Barbara Shintelli

Kemmerer Republican, 24 August 1923
1910, 1920 US Federal Census
Kemmerer Republican 17 August 1923

First Day At Work
No family in Frontier was more sadly smitten by the explosion than that of Andrew Lupcho, who lost his life along with his two sons, George and Joe.  Joe had been off duty for two weeks suffering from an injured knee, sustained in the mine, and had just been released the morning of the accident when he was killed.
Kemmerer Republican, Friday, 17 August 1923, page 2.

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  1. My name is Shawn Lupcho. These were my great grandfather and two of great uncles. My grandfather, Paul Lupcho, was the son of Andrew and the brother of George and Joe.