Mine History and Facts

All that is left of Frontier Mine No. 1 in 2000
(picture by jrobertslott)
General View Frontier Coal Mine, Kemmerer Coal Company

Facts in 1923:
  • First opened about 1897
  • Owned and operated by the Kemmerer Coal Company
  • over a mile in length, with a 16 degree pitch  
  •  31 entries, the last being a sump
  • Three pumps conveyed the water to the surface, and are operated at full time during the spring season, but about half time the rest of the year
  • The mine is worked on the room and pillar system
  • Production of the No. 1 mine before the accident was between 600 and 700 tons per day.
  • Most of the coal production was used by the Oregon Short Line Railroad.
The Kemmerer Republican, Friday, August 17, 1923, page 1
Kemmerer Coal Company, "Capturing Energy, For more than eighty years...and still growing.", Frontier, Wyoming 83121, no pagi.

Collection of coal mining lamps
(picture by jrobertslott 2000)

Efficient Safety Lights
No. 1 mine recently was electrified throughout, the miners wearing a light on their caps, which was connected with a storage battery attached to their waists.  These lamps are charged for 16 hours...
The Kemmerer Republican, 17 august, 1923, page 2.

"To whom it may concern:  This is to certify that on May 17th, 1923, I inspected mine number one, the property of the Kemmerer Coal Company, located at Frontier, Wyoming, accompanied by the mine foreman, John Oakley.  We visited twenty three, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine and thirtieth entries, and several of their working places on those entries.  The ventilation is fair.  All their ways are clean and damp, and timber is resorted to where necessary.  Extreme care is being taken of all this property.  Tests of scales where miners' coal was weighed were made and found to be correct.  Amount of air at the intake, forty six thousand cubic feet per minute.  Amount of air in the return, fifty two thousand cubic feet per minute.  Number of men employed inside, one hundred and eighty.  Number of head of stock, seventeen.  Respectfully submitted, P.F. Patterson, State Mine Inspector, District Number One".
Coronor's Inquest, page 71.