97. Womer, George

born:  about 1868
died:  14 August 1923, Frontier, Lincoln, Wyoming
buried:  Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
nationality:  American
age at death: 55 years old
married family in Kemmerer

Kemmerer Republican, 24 August 1923
Kemmerer Republican 17 August 1923

Two Bodies Shipped
The body of George Womer, pumpman, was one of those shipped out of the city, leaving Wednesday evening for his old home in Phillipsburg, Pa., and being accompanied by his widow and son, W.W. Womer.  He had only worked at the mine a few months, and was in charge of the pump at the 15th level, where the explosion spent its force when a trip of six cars was wrecked.  He was suffocated.  His was the first body found by the rescuers.  The body of John Zumbrennan also was shipped early this morning to Montpelier, where funeral services and interment will take place.
The Kemmerer Republican, Friday, August 17, 1923.

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